What’s new for Writers on Medium

New features for customizing your profile & stories

Ever thought of changing the font styles of headings or body of your Medium articles? Or changing the layout of your profile? Setting background-color of your profile page? Medium added a new Design feature that allows you to customize your profile, set font styles for your stories, change accent colors of buttons, and add a logo to your profile name instead of plain text.

When you click on your profile picture, you will see a new option Design in the list, click on it to customize your profile. Or you can navigate to https://medium.com/me/design for customizing.

Change colors:

Once you open the Desing page, you will see a sidebar on the left of the page with an option named Colors. Toggle it and you will see two color pickers one for changing the accent color of buttons, like the color of the follow button on your profile, and another color picker for changing the background color of your profile page.

Change Fonts:

This feature lets you change font styles for your story titles, pull quotes, and, body. You can also change font styles of metadata, profile name, subtitles, and headings shown on your profile page.

Customize Profile Header:

I think this is the coolest feature added by Medium for customizing your profile page. Here you can customize the header styles of your profile page, you can also add a background image for your header. Moreover, you can change the size and layout of your profile header.

You can add a logo in place of your plain profile name. Also, you can set your info to be shown in the header or in the sidebar of your profile page.

One Bonus Feature:

Now, you can claim your own medium URL, so all your stories and profile will be available on a URL like your-username.medium.com instead of medium.com/@your-username. This feature gives you a really cool presence on the internet with Medium.

Medium has given a nice way of designing and structuring your profile and I love it, sharing it with others so they can also look at this cool feature and make their profiles awesome.

Trying to make things simple! — haseebanwar.net

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