Why Self-Taught Developers Are Great Pick

Developers that go a mile ahead

Haseeb Anwar


Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

When it comes to a good software developer, there are many qualities that you can count on. But there are a few things that make self-taught developers better than just developers.

By a self-taught developer, I mean someone who doesn’t have a degree in a computer-related field or someone who learned most of what he knows from the internet.

However, every developer is a self-taught developer because learning never ends as the new technologies evolve but I am talking about the developers who initially take the path of becoming a developer all on their own.


They have passion for their work, which is exactly what drives them ahead of any other developer. Passion is the driving force that makes you give your best in any field and attain the pinnacle of your career.

Passionate developers are always eager to help, making them better team players. They like to do challenging tasks and take control of complex problems at the workplace or at least try to solve them.

Their passion often takes beyond their responsibilities

If you just do what you’re told to do, then how are you contributing to the project?

Self-taught developers thrive to make their applications better by putting in their input and creativity towards a task. It’s their passion for the work that makes them do more.

They Write Clean Code

One of the most important things for a satisfactory developer experience is clean code. Writing easy-to-understand, performant, and maintainable code is an essential skill required by organizations.

And most self-taught developers are pretty good at this. They always look for better ways to model their applications and follow the best practices.

I know some developers who write code just to get things done. They don’t care about the maintainability of the code and stuff. With self-taught developers in your team, you don’t have to worry about it much.

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