Tips for writing short, concise, and clean JavaScript code

You must have seen the guy in the picture above. He simplifies everyday things — and that’s exactly what we are going to do with JavaScript in this article.

JavaScript has a lot of cool features that most beginner and intermediate developers don’t know. I’ve picked out 10 hacks that I use in my everyday JavaScript projects.

1. Conditionally Add Properties to Object

We can use the spread operator, ..., to quickly add properties to a JavaScript object conditionally.

const condition = true;const person = {
id: 1,
name: 'John Doe',
...(condition && { age: 16 }),

The && operator returns the last evaluated…

Find out how the most widely-used protocols for authentication and authorization really work

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We’ve all seen the “sign in with Google” and “connect to Facebook” buttons on websites and mobile apps. Click the button and a screen opens that says, “This app wants to access your public profile, contacts…” and asks you whether you want to give access. This is OAuth at a high level. Understanding these protocols is crucial for every software engineer, security expert, and even hacker.


A complete guide to OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, the two most widely used protocols on the internet today for authorization and authentication. OAuth 2.0 is used for authorization and OpenID Connect is used…

Perks of being a programmer

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People belonging to different industries may have different perspectives to see the world. However, being a programmer helps you a lot in performing daily life tasks smoothly.

Sharing few things that I really enjoy being a programmer. Programmers can do some tasks more efficiently than people from other professions.

#1 Logical thinking

Thinking logically or finding logic in everything is what makes a programmer a real programmer. Writing code is all about thinking, you can’t just write a few lines of code without thinking that what these lines would do.

Making important decisions in your life or being creative is necessary for developing…

New features for customizing your profile & stories

Ever thought of changing the font styles of headings or body of your Medium articles? Or changing the layout of your profile? Setting background-color of your profile page? Medium added a new Design feature that allows you to customize your profile, set font styles for your stories, change accent colors of buttons, and add a logo to your profile name instead of plain text.

Make a custom build pipeline for minifying and compressing your assets

An important factor that affects the performance of a website is the size of resources requested by the browser. CSS and JavaScript source files are among the top of these resources. If you do not handle them efficiently, they can considerably increase page load time. Get the app repo here.

What you will get from this piece?

In this article, we’re going to build a server-rendered application in Nodejs by implementing:

  • Asset minification and compression using Gulp and Brotli.
  • A development environment where assets are minified and compressed in real-time.
  • A build process that can make distributable assets for deployment.

Also, you will get some familiarity with…

A VS Code extension for working with Mongo right in your IDE

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash.

Visual Studio Code has become the favorite editor of developers. MongoDB has introduced a new extension for VS Code that makes it super easy to work with Mongo.

What’s in the Pack?

VS Code is struggling to make developers more productive. Meanwhile, MongoDB has built an extension called MongoDB for VS Code that allows you to connect to MongoDB Shell and MongoDB Atlas right away from your editor. Now you don’t have to navigate to your terminal to connect to Mongo Shell or use GUI tools like MongoDB Compass, Robomongo, etc. to perform basic Mongo operations.

With the extension, you can:

  • Connect to MongoDB…

Loading images the way popular web and mobile apps do it

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We all like the way Medium load images. I’ve always wanted images on my website to load the same way. It took me a while to figure out how it’s done, but once I dived deeper, in I realized that creating a progressive loading image is simple.

Before we just start you can take a look at the app running here OR take a look at the code on GitHub OR see the demo here!

GIF Demo

So you want to do form validation in React? But didn’t find any great simple resource for doing this? Want pro-type validation that works like a charm?

So this article is definitely for you, hold on with me to build a great little application🎯

Haseeb Anwar

Trying to make things simple! —

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